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Can a metaphor solve an enigma?

UPDATED NOVEMBER 3, 2022 Review of The Language Game: How Improvisation Created Language and Changed the World, by Morten Christiansen and Nick Chater, Basic Books, 2022. By Paul Bouissac. Explaining the emergence and evolution of […]


Before Sight

Mini reviews by Paul Bouissac Re-published from SemiotiX 2012 Before sight there was touch and smell, both in our evolutionary and developmental past. Scantattention has been paid, though, to tactile, gustatory, and olfactory information in […]



By Adolfo Martin Garcia Neurosemiotics is a pluralistic framework aimed to describe and explain semiosis as an emergent socio-biological phenomenon (García & Ibáñez, 2022a). It has been described as a subfield of biosemiotics that encompasses […]


Interview with Desmond Morris (2022)

Alan Crawley (Buenos Aires, Argentina) interviews Desmond Morris (Kildare, Ireland)) on body language with incidental reflexions on his life and the present time [with subtitles in Spanish]. 


Communicating danger. “Sebeok’s problem” and beyond

Communicating danger: “Sebeok’s problem” and beyond Review of Marcel Danesi’s Warning Signs. The Semiotics of Danger, Bloomsbury Academic. London, New York, Oxford, New Delhi, Sydney, 2022.  By Susan Petrilli  The book by Marcel Danesi, Warning Signs. The Semiotics of Danger […]