Smart Semiotics WEBINAR  by Ihor Biloushchenko on Art Forum #1

Summary: While the definition of art remains a subject of debate, we can agree that it serves as a unique way to express some ideas and feelings. 

In this webinar I focus how art deals with the military conflicts and world threatened by extinction. 

Firstly, I give some historical examples, how artists responded to wars, social issues, and environmental crises, highlighting art’s role as a reflection of societal concerns.

Then I provide some examples from contemporary art, providing insights into how artists navigate and interpret the challenges of our time. 

Finally I feature examples of my own artistic expressions, offering a personal perspective on the intersection of art and societal issues.


Evangelos Kourdis (Thessaloniki)


Chris Arning (London)

Bruno Mesz (Buenos Aires)

Monica Rector (Rio De Janeiro)

Eduardo Lamas (Antwerp)

Gregory Paschalidis (Thessaloniki)

Lia Yoka (Thessaloniki)

Carina Gossele (Antwerp)

Michael Laird (Antwerp)

Piotr Sadowski (Dublin)

2021 – 2022 Transformation looking for identity

The world and society transformation triggers my attention to create my art. I research the extends of the change, the limits we confront in daily life. Where is the place for nature, free and organic shapes. And where is the digital and scientific part.

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