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Hello there!

We hope you are doing well and ready to enjoy some Summer holidays if you are in the North, and some nice hot beverages if you are in the South. Here you have some updates to navigate in the coming months. Hope you find them interesting and useful.

Greetings from Barcelona and Buenos Aires,
Gabriela and Ximena

At SemioticaStudio, we help to understand the worlds in which clients and followers live, from the perspective of semiotics and cultural analysis. We work on the development of concepts, spaces, content and narratives.

Ximena is teaching a course on “Environmental Communication” for anyone interested. It’s part of the Professional Training Programme of the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Buenos Aires). If you understand Spanish, you can join it here.

Gabriela wrote about Gustavo Cerati (and his band, Soda Stereo) for “Teen your enthusiasm”, an very interesting series run by HiloBrow (Joshua Glenn´s publishing house) about people we loved in our teenage years.

Our colleague and friend Masha is organizing another fantastic activity in Ikaria, Greece. It’s a Semiotics Workshop to “Learn how to use theory of signs in communication and design.” Here you have all the information. Photo by Giulia May on Unsplash.

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