The Future We Want: Organizational Responsibilities for Climate Responses

The Future We Want: Organizational Responsibilities for Climate Responses, 3-5 July 2024

Luisada University, Lisbon, Portugal + Online

Themes and Special Focus

Founded in 1993, the Organization Studies Research Networkcomes together around a common concern for, and a shared interest to explore, new possibilities in knowledge, culture and change management, within the broader context of the nature and future of organizations and their impact on society. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries.

The Twenty-fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations calls for research addressing the following annual themes and special focus:

We will only be able to achieve peace, well-being, and social justice if we prioritize environmental justice. And the shared challenges of climate change deeply frame the meaning of environmental justice.

The challenge for society is to reconsider our everyday habits and economic growth paradigms while imagining new environmentally conscious social and economic models that take advantage of existing scientific and technological development for the shared future we want.

Critically, the current moment obliges us “act now” to defend the foundations of life on our planet. And the most vulnerable populations cannot continue to suffer and pay the consequences of the current economic and social model. Therefore, faced with future challenges, organizations are called upon to reflect, discuss, and present good practices and solutions that allow everyone to live well with everyone, respecting nature and defending human and non-human life. 

At the Twenty-fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, we offer nature-based solutions as one of the strategies that allow us to tackle the challenges of climate change effectively. We also believe in the transforming power of transdisciplinary scientific dialogue, collaboration, co-construction of solutions, creative freedom, and hope as a means of strengthening more resilient, solidary, humane, and democratic communities. In this spirit, we invite research that addresses the socio-environmental challenges of the current climate emergency and the role of organizations as agents of change.

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